If you have an order specific question and need help fast, please shoot us an email to help@fabulousyarn.com, or click to chat on the website! Otherwise, please post your question here and we’ll reply to it soon!

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Please submit questions here, we're glad to help!, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

25 Comments on Please submit questions here, we’re glad to help!

  1. Ida-Jo says:

    “Super Simple Cardigan 6moos-3years. My invoice number is 68694. After having just spoken to you, I was told to send this email and you would send me a link for the pattern. Thank you, Ida-Jo Huard

  2. Blp107 says:

    My name is Beth peters I purchased the tilli Thomas yarn dusty purple with silver beads. I am having trouble unwinding it to knit. What am I doing wrong. It seems the beads tangle. Any suggestions and or what t am doing wrong.

    • fabulousyarn says:

      Hi Beth!

      Sometimes yarns with beads take a little more care than usual, and patience is my only advice here – just go VERY SLOWLY, and make sure you have seperated a length of yarn from the skein PRIOR to winding it – ie, pull off a couple of rounds and make sure the fibers are lying straight together before you wind it! Hope that helps!

  3. Claudiapstaschiak says:

    I order yarn a week ago, and I have not gotten it. My order number is 57629. I got a message that you were getting ready to ship it. Until now, I have not gotten more emails from you. I would like to know what is happening. I have try to call you but I have not been able to get you. Thank you

  4. Teresa Ann Ellis says:

    1) I think I’m entered in the Dream &Win contest, but don’t know how to check that. Am linked to my Ravelry page, as haniella.
    2) Is there a different April contest, for garments made from yarns bought here? I have a
    shrug made from the Peau de Soie yarn and thought I saw a contest but
    can’t find it now.

    Thank you.

  5. Paula Snow says:

    I received my order for 3 16″ addi cords but the connectors weren’t included.  The total was 29.95 and I was under the impression that the connectors would be included.  How do I get these connectors.  Thank you.  LRJIGram@Bellsouth.net

  6. Catie says:

    can someone tell me where my order is.  It was placed on 2/21/12. The order number is 172620676.  I need the yarn to get started on my project.  If it hasn’t been shipped please credit my credit card and I will order it from another vendor.
    Catie Reno

  7. Creno047 says:

    I have not received my order placed on 2/21/12. order number 172620676

  8. jackie michalski says:

    This is concerning my order.  I ordered the colors, I thought on the original order.  My order fab number is 54393, ticket is 66549.  The yarn I ordered the colors are toast, firecracker, splash, and icecream.  The numbers are 1 of each.  Please respond that you received this so you can ship my order.  Thank you. 

  9. RosaliKolan says:

    I ordered the beaded silk yarn on November 2 , 2011 , the purchase came out of my credit card but as of today on January 9 , 2012 I have yet to receive it . You can e- mail me at RosalieKolan@gmail .com Thank you

  10. Cynthia Anderson says:

    I received a knitting bag for Christmas, but it’s too small.  Need the Agnes bag in place of it.  How do I make this exchange and order bigger one?
    Cynthia Anderson’

  11. Rfoley says:


    I received an email inquiring my color preference for artyarn super merino and I would love pink/chocolate please 2 skeins.  My email came from Mary.  Thank you :)

  12. Susan Kaliszewski says:

    I placed and order on May 27, 2011 for a set of Surina double point knitting needles.  Order #43833 for $7.78. I understand these needles have been on back order.  I would like to cancel this order and am asking for a refund to Paypal for $7.78.  Please call me at (989) 659-2780.  Thanks in advance.  Susan M Kaliszewski  suzieknits@hotmail.com

    • fabulousyarn says:

      HI Suzie – Let me check your order – they were on backorder, but we’ve had two shipments recently so I am not sure why you wouldn’t have received yours, unless they’ve left out a size or something – we’ll check, and if they havent shipped, we’ll go ahead and issue a credit.

      Also, just fyi – fastest wayto get to us is help@fabulousyarn.com!

      Thanks, and we are very sorry about the extended wait for these needles – they took an extra long time to come in this time but we have tons of them now!

  13. Beth Smith says:

    Hi, I’m writing to thank you for your wonderful service. I just received the Artyarns skein I ordered, and appreciated being kept up to date. My friend Mary Anne and I visited your store for the first time in July, on our way to Roundtop, NY for a fiber weekend. We’ll make it a point to come back to Tivoli and see you when we return next year. Beth Smith

  14. Pateverson says:

    hello,                                                                                                                        I called a bit a go also , and haven’t heard back either.  This is in reference to the lantern moon #8 circular kniiting needle I didn’t receive with my initial order #146494893  05/30/2011.  The needle is paid for, and I’m holding a project, as I need all four needles too complete it.  Can’t believe its taking this long for a responce.  The invoice said it would be along in few days. Didn’t happen!  So I called, and was told it was on the way.  Still hasen’t happened!                                                                 Patricia                                                     pateverson@att.net    phone: (661)428-8775                                                   

    • fabulousyarn says:


      Not sure why it hasn’t been shipped or why you haven’t received it- I’ll check tomorrow – lantern moon does take a bit to get to us- but you should have received a new email if we were unable to ship it- I’ll be checking into this again tomorrow!


  15. cheryl iwebs says:

    i called a bit ago. placed an order #145452959 and it’s missing a skein or yarn called Be Sweet Boucle Mohair, charcoal. it’s also missing about 6 free patterns that i requested. i notice this entire area of the invoice is crossed out with red pen but no info as to if the yarn and patterns are forthcoming. cannot read the signature but it does look like i was charged for the yarn. please return email and let me know what the status is. my email is onekick1@yahoo.com my phone is 931-243-4566. thanks, cheryl owens

  16. admin says:

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